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The Best Apps for Organising

Life can be pretty chaotic at times with the daily demands of work, family, social and everything else that arises. It’s pretty normal to feel overwhelmed and stressed out from time to time. Don’t panic and go into meltdown mode though, instead use your smart phone to download the best apps for organising your life.

The best apps for organising your life:


The way we receive news has changed massively since the days before the internet. Now with the rise of social media and hundreds of online publications delivering news it has never been easier and quicker to find out the latest news story on the go. However, it can be time consuming to flick between your favourite publications and search for that interesting story you saw the other day but didn’t have the time to finish reading. This is where Flipboard steps in, this popular news app helps you store all your favourite news sources in one place. Enabling you to save stories to your own ‘magazine’ for later viewing. It allows you to discover stories and stay up to date on the news that impacts your life and topics that you have shown an interest in. Making it obvious why it has made it into our the best apps for organising your life list.


This app is great for both work and personal. If you find yourself regularly emailing yourself documents and photos to enable you to transfer files across devices, stop. Dropbox is a cloud-based app where you can upload your files to and access it anywhere. You can easily share folders with family, friends and work colleagues too. It makes it possible to access files on any device the app is installed on, even when offline, as the dropbox folders are updated every time a file is saved. This neat little is app makes your life easier when it comes to file transfer and backing up files.


Do you find yourself forever writing down notes, whether it’s important meeting notes or to do lists, passwords or contact details. It can be hard to keep track off all those pieces of paper, making it impossible to find the exact bit of information you need at the right time. This is where Evernote comes in, it’s an online note-taking application that will make your life that bit more organised. It allows you to categorise your notes into different ‘stacks’ making them easily searchable at a later date. You can share notes with other users, allowing others to contribute to a notepad. It also allows you to upload photographs, in which the app scans the image for readable text and making that text searchable. You’ll never have to get stressed out again at the thought of losing another piece of important information.


If task management is something that you need a little helping hand with, then Todoist is your app. It’s great for keeping on top of projects and tasks both at work or in your personal life. It allows you to access your tasks everywhere whether online or offline on all of your devices. Its simplistic design saves you time allows you to prioritise what needs to be done first. You can also collaborate on a task with anyone from your colleague to your partner, some have even planned their wedding using Todoist. You’ll find yourself becoming more productive and achieving more with this useful app.


In an age when staying fit and healthy is on the rise, it is important to stay on top of your fitness goals. A busy lifestyle can make it difficult to keep track of your daily food intake, plus how many calories you’ve burned and exercise completed. MyFitnessPal helps you stay on top of your fitness game by allowing you to keep a food journal, track your gym workout and counts calories based on your height and weight. It also allows you to share experiences through an online community where you can exchange tips and motivate others on their fitness journey. If you’re looking to maintain your fitness goals, this is the app for you.

What are you waiting for? Head on over to the app store and get downloading these not only useful but also free apps. They are the best apps for organising your life. You’re welcome.

Written by Molly