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Everyone loves Christmas, but not everyone loves getting ready for the big day.

If you decide that the annual whirlwind of decorating, cooking and hosting is too much for you, there is another option. Christmas is the perfect time for a getaway to a hotel, where you can enjoy the best of the season’s joys without any of its stresses. Here, we take a look at how hotels prepare to make the perfect winter wonderland for their guests.

O, Christmas Tree!

Christmas_Tree_at_the_Westin_TokyoWe all know that it isn’t really Christmas until the tree goes up, so getting the right tree at the right time is key for any hotel getting ready for the season. Of course, a real fir tree is the only way for a hotel to really get into the swing of things, and this makes things a little more complicated. The classic Norwegian spruce tree will stay fresh for three to four weeks, so the tree can’t be bought too early.

With all this in mind, when is the best time to put a tree up? Buckingham Palace opts for the first week of December, and if that’s how the Queen does it, it should do for the rest of us too.

Festive tipples

It8257435509_a3d00eca3b_b goes without saying that a hotel needs to have a well-stocked bar in order to keep customers happy for the festive season. Nothing shouts Christmas more than the sweet scent of mulled wine wafting through the air, so getting the perfect recipe is essential to ensure that wonderful aroma is waiting when the guests arrive.

Christmas is a great time to try out some new cocktails, or for those who like something a little softer, mulled apple juice makes a perfect alcohol-free alternative. As for Christmas morning, a glass of Buck’s Fizz is surely the only way to kick off the perfect Christmas Day.

All the trimmings

celebration-315079_640We all know what it’s like being in the kitchen at Christmas time, and catering for a hotel full of guests requires a bit of forethought. Turkey is the classic choice for Christmas dinner, and with about 500g of turkey needed per guest, a hotel serving Christmas dinner for 100 guests is going to need at least 50kg of meat, which is about five or six large birds.

Add in all the roast potatoes, pigs in blankets and a few litres of gravy, and Christmas Day in a hotel kitchen is an exercise that needs to be planned with military precision. If you’re making your own dinner this year, this step-by-step Christmas food planner from Mumsnet will help you get organised this Christmas.

When it’s all over…

After Christmas has been and gone, there’s a natural instinct to rest and recover after the excesses of the season. For the hotel, though, there is no time to take it easy; it needs to look at its best whatever day it is. As soon as Christmas Day is over, the run-up to New Year is in full swing, so getting the party atmosphere right for December 31st becomes the main priority for the staff.

For everyone staying at the hotel though, it’s still time to sit back, relax and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year. At Hallmark Hotels, you can be sure of the ultimate festive experience.

Written by Irina