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What questions do you ask yourself when planning the location of your wedding venue? Write them down… how many different questions have you come up with? Does it feel like a never-ending list of specific requirements that you feel will never meet?

It’s okay to feel this way – you are not alone. To capture the truly momentous occasion, only the most impressive, scenic settings will suffice.

In Stourport, there are a host of desirable venues to choose from offering unrivalled views that will appease you and provide the most stunning photographs for years to come.

  1. Wedding_Holt_castle_850843_62546082Holt Castle overlooks the River Severn and creates a beautiful atmosphere steeped in history and character. Built in the 14th Century by Lord Beauchamp, the Grade I castle was further enhanced by the adjoining manor house during the following century. Surrounded by spectacular gardens, your pictures will behold a true place of history.
  2. Wedding_harvington-side-2As far back as 1771, Anglican minister John Wesley had talked of the “well-built village” of Stourport, and this has shown no signs of stopping in the almost 250 years since. The eye-catching Stourport Road Bridge offers a great location for a pose as you weave your way along the River Severn.
  3. Wedding_imgID59077480For something more contemporary, yet no less grand, the breathtaking scenery at Deer Park is purely enchanting.
  4. The ‘Wall of Glass’ opens your heart to the unmistakable views of the Malvern Hills. Wedding pictures taken on the terraces alongside the waterfalls and streams will be befitting of any bride and groom declaring their love after their ceremony.Wedding_1024px-Malvern_Hills_in_June_2005

Hallmark Hotels wishes you only the very best on your wedding day. Unspoilt surroundings of historical and natural beauty are well within your reach from our locations in the West Midlands, with Hallmark Hotel Stourport Manor promising exclusivity for you and your guests.

Written by Molly