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Adding The Finishing Touches To Your Christmas Party

You’ve spent the past couple of weeks or months searching for a venue, confirming the guest list and approving your budget for your works Christmas party. Now the time has come to have fun with the organising by adding the finishing touches to your Christmas party. Follow our tips below to organise an unforgettable evening for your guests. Enjoy.

 finishing touches to your Christmas partyFestive Theme

A festive theme is perfect for adding the finishing touches to your Christmas party. It allows colleagues to let loose a little and step aside from the usual boring office party. There are plenty of themes you can have fun with, from winter wonderland inspired festivities to a more glamorous masquerade ball. No matter what theme you decide, plan it out and send out the memo to your colleagues so they have time to think about outfit choices. Let your venue know in advance too, as they may offer to help decorate the room, which will take a big task off your shoulders. Get your theme ticked off your list early, so you can get creative and have fun with it.

Party Playlist

 finishing touches to your Christmas partyThis is one of the most important features of your works Christmas party, the music. No one wants to be bopping along to songs that you’d hear at a children’s disco, so make sure you choose your DJ or live band carefully. Or if you’re in charge of the playlist, send a survey around the office, so you can understand your colleague’s music preferences to get a perfect balance of music for the night. Creating the perfect playlist or hiring someone who is going to play the right music is crucial to creating the perfect party ambience and adding the final finishing touches to your Christmas party.

Festive tipples

 finishing touches to your Christmas partyIt goes without saying that a party needs to have a well-stocked bar in order to keep guests happy for the festive season. Nothing shouts Christmas more than the sweet scent of mulled wine wafting through the air, so getting the perfect recipe is essential to ensure that wonderful aroma is waiting when the guests arrive. Christmas is a great time to try out some new festive cocktails, or for those who like something a little softer, mulled apple juice makes a perfect alcohol-free alternative. Plan your drinks list in advance, and ask guests what their preferences are so that they have a glass in hand upon arrival.

Festive Food

 finishing touches to your Christmas partyFood is an important component of any Christmas party, especially when supplying your colleagues with alcohol. As much as it’s inevitable that someone will get slightly too merry and become the talk of the office the next day, the number of employees can be reduced by food. Plan your Christmas menu by asking your colleagues for their dietary requirements beforehand. This will make your job easier and make the Christmas party run way more smoothly. A good rule to go by is order slightly more food than you think you need too, to ensure nobody will go hungry. A nice touch is to greet your guests with Christmas Canapés on arrival.

Entertain Them

 finishing touches to your Christmas partyAs we mentioned above, music is a key part of your party entertainment, but what about branching out and being a little creative. You could hire a photo booth for the evening, where your guests could have fun with the props and take home some lasting memories from the evening. Photos are a great company asset to use on your website to show off your company’s culture. Another idea is to create a Christmas quiz to get people from different departments to socialise and build relationships.

When it’s all over

The evening is here, all the planning is finished and it’s time to enjoy all your hard work. Mingle with your guests and ask for their feedback to ensure they’re having fun and speak to your chosen venue about receiving a special offer if you were to book again for next year.

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Written by Molly