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Social media is an essential for any modern meeting, and there are several ways in which we can use these platforms both ahead of, and during, the meeting.

  • Developing content and agenda ideas – engaging with colleagues and staff to create a robust and clear agenda for the meeting can be challenging. By adopting social media for this we provide people with a digital place where they can easily make suggestions, voice concerns, and be heard, giving them a degree of ownership.
  • Organising delegates – whether it’s a Facebook Page, Twitter feed or Instagram account, we can quickly and efficiently disseminate everything from location maps and directions to orders of events via social media.
  • In meeting uses – we’ve all seen presentations that take into account live tweets within their content, but this isn’t the only way we can employ social during our meetings; consider encouraging delegates to interact and engage with posts, share their own workings and even develop videos of their experiences of training and team building exercises.
  • Post-meeting uses – We have already explained that social media is now a vital aspect before and during the meeting but using these platforms shouldn’t end with the last car leaving the venue.

Hallmark Hotels - Strathallen 37You can easily implement a social media follow up programme to show staff how their contributions to the meeting have been used within real world business strategies. In short, keep delegates informed on how the work produced during the offsite session is beginning to have an impact on company practices, investments, interests and policies.

This is also a great way to garner and collate feedback on the meeting. Invite attendees to send in thoughts, concerns and suggestions about how the meeting could be improved through the forum of social.

Written by Irina