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Select the regions to view our extraordinary hotels scattered throughout the UK. Select the regions on the map to view our extraordinary hotels scattered throughout the UK.
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Best Booking Guarantee


We're so certain you will find the best price for Hallmark Hotels on our own website, that we’re offering a no-quibble Best Booking Guarantee. Find our rooms at a lower price elsewhere and we’ll refund the difference! That’s just one of the advantages of booking direct with us. And here are some other reasons too:

Extra benefits when you book directly

Only guests booking directly with Hallmark Hotels will automatically get a host of rewards and exclusive benefits, including 20% off food, a free drink per guest AND free parking at selected hotels where parking is usually an extra charge.  To find out more, simply click here

Assured Room

Guarantee your room by booking on our website. In the unusual circumstance that your reservation cannot be honoured, we’ll find alternative accommodation and provide transportation.

Great Rewards

If you supply us with an email address, we’ll keep you up-to-date with all offers and promotions. 

Secure Transactions

As we use the latest technology to encrypt your information, you’re safe in the knowledge that your payment will be secure. 

No Booking Fees*

Some websites charge booking and credit card fees, which can add substantially to the cost of your stay. Avoid these fees by booking direct with us.

Full Hotel Information

The Hallmark Hotels website is far and away the best source of information on our hotels – including bedroom descriptions, photo galleries, menus, health club facilities and much, much more. All available to help make your stay as enjoyable as possible. 

All Available Prices

Only our website contains information on all the room types and enhancements available, giving you the ultimate in choice when you stay with Hallmark. 


Sleep well with the reassurance of the Hallmark Hotels Best Booking Guarantee.

 Found one of our rooms at a lower price elsewhere? Click here for information on how to claim.

*No booking fees excludes purchases made with Amex which have a 3% booking fee